Sunday, December 31, 2017

2018 Year of the Earth Dog

Here are our annual predictions, based on the Chinese lunar calendar, for the 2018 Year of the Earth Dog. As we predicted, the current 2017 Fire Rooster year has seen a focus on justice and more resources put toward growth. The U.S. economy is beginning to improve, the stock market has gained momentum, police and military have gained more favor. Some long-awaited justice is being served. In contrast, the 2018 Dog Year will focus on loyalty, relationships, family, and country. 

The Earth Dog New Year starts February 16, 2018. The Dog is conservative and prizes safety, protection, and tradition. This year will see an inward focus on the country, and major changes in relations between countries.

This Dog year’s impact will be increased for the US by President Trump, who was born in a Dog year (1946). A Dog president will have more influence and power in renegotiating trade and military agreements and protecting US interests during the Dog Year. The Dog year will bring increased social awareness and interest in society’s less powerful members. Generosity and selflessness will be more common. Earth Dog years also increase focus on real estate, agriculture, environment,  and religion.

During the last Earth Dog year, 60 years ago (1958):
Van Allen radiation belts were discovered,
Antarctic was crossed for the first time,
50 feet of snow fell across the Mason-Dixon line, 
NORAD was formed by the US and Canada, 
Mao Zedong started the “Great Leap Forward” movement in China, 
Castro’s Cuban government was recognized by the US, 
US approved Alaska's statehood, 
Eisenhower signed the NASA Act,
The USS Nautilus reached the North Pole,
China fired on islands in the Taiwan Strait and a Chinese civil war started, 
Japan marketed the first precooked instant noodles, 
The US Air force Academy opened in Colorado Springs, 
The National Defense Education Act was signed, 
A US Air Force C-130A was shot down when it strayed into USSR airspace, 
Doctor Zhivago was published in US, 
The first color video was recorded on magnetic tape, 
Jack Kilby demonstrated the first integrated circuit (IC), 
Rockets designed by Ernst Mohr reached the upper atmosphere,
The US manned space-flight project was renamed Project Mercury, 
The first pacemaker was installed in Stockholm, 
Pope Pius XII died and John XXIII was elected as the new Pope,
First women in the UK House of Lords,
PanAm flew the first transatlantic jet from NY to Paris
The first coronary angiogram was performed,
The US tested the first full range ICBM and launched the first guided missile destroyer,
The first radio broadcast was made from space – President Eisenhower’s Christmas message “to all mankind, America’s wish for peace on Earth and goodwill to men everywhere”.

The 2018 Dog Year will emphasize friends and family and security which will be reflected in US relations with other countries and world leaders. It is a time for caution, pragmatism, and careful growth in business, career, home, and family affairs. For the best luck in this year, keep calm and stay rational.


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