Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Rainbows and Health

It has been a year now since we moved to Oahu from the Big Island. We live in central Oahu at an elevation of 800 feet above sea level in the town of Mililani. This is the first time we have lived significantly above sea level since moving to Hawaii, and though we miss our daily walks on the beach, we love the cooler climate and gentle rains at this altitude. We also love the amazing and frequent rainbows we see at all times of the day. The fine mist and tropical sun make the rainbows unusually thick, bright and long lasting.

We have enjoyed eating at the wonderful restaurants on Oahu. The food is delicious, the service excellent and the prices are cheaper than the Big Island. We have also found great grocery stores with excellent selections of delicious foods to cook.

Unfortunately, our reduced exercise and the great Oahu food has added inches to our waistlines and 20 pounds to our weight. Our weight gain has motivated us to get back to our healthy diet and restart our Big Island weight loss plan.

We restarted our research about health and longevity, picking up where we left off from our last book "Your Ideal Hawaii Health". Our new discoveries about health have been life changing in a good way. Our next post will highlight what we have discovered and how we are using the knowledge to improve our health, increase our brain functioning and support our weight loss.