Sunday, May 25, 2014

Best Hawaii Island Guides on the Kindle


We think these new Hawaii Island guides are the best ever, although we might be a little biased since we wrote them.  The content is from the travel guide: Your Ideal Hawaii Island Vacation: A Guide for Visiting the Big Island of Hawaii; which was divided into two volumes to focus on each side of the island.

The Kindle versions of the travel guide have been enhanced from the paperback.  Since there is no cost for printing pages there are many more photographs of each location and since there is no cost for ink the photographs are all in color.

The Kindles have the benefit of being downloaded when you need them, like when your cruise ship arrives or during a drive around the island.  The Kindle travel guides describe the sites near the cruise ship ports and many side trips on island drives.  Links to websites for more information are included in the guide, another benefit of the Kindle format.  A Resource section with shopping, activities, and events is also in each Kindle book. 

Your Ideal Hawaii Island Vacation East Side Kindle covers Hilo, Puna, Volcano, Kau, the Hamakua Coast and Mauna Kea summit.  Maps, driving directions, photographs, and descriptions allow you to plan a trip in advance and use it as a resource during a trip.   Hilo is described in a driving guide and downtown walking tour that takes you to unique businesses, colorful parks, tropical gardens, waterfalls, museums, and historic sites.  Volcanoes National Park and nearby sites are described in detail to allow you to decide how much of the park you have time to see.   A driving guide through the remote coastline of Puna and unique sites in the largest and least populated district of Kau are included.  Sites along the Hamakua Coast are described as well as directions to the international telescopes on Mauna Kea.  If you are considering a visit to East Hawaii Island for a day or longer, this Kindle will guide you to all the amazing places to see.

Your Ideal Hawaii Island Vacation West Side Kindle covers North and South Kona, North and South Kohala and Waimea.  It has driving tours of Kailua-Kona, Kona Coffee Plantations, and the historic bays in South Kona.  It covers the many sites along the Akoni Pule Highway in North Kohala and Waimea town.  Maps, driving directions, photographs, and descriptions help you find hidden beaches and historic sites in Kona and Kohala.  Beaches and delightful spots hidden along the South Kohala coastline, dotted with luxury resorts, and North Kona are included.  A detailed walking tour of Kailua-Kona showcases the history and beauty of the town.  

We hope these new Kindle travel guides help visitors and residents investigate all the amazing places on the Island. Check them out on Amazon’s  “Look Inside” or borrow them for free through Amazon’s lending library. 


David Paul said...
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David Paul said...

I want to go to visit Big Island with hawaii tours next month for weekend tours and a little confused about my first trip there. I was looking forward about any book to get an idea about attractions and things to do there. This blog solved my problem and now I must read “A Guide for Visiting Hilo, Volcano, Kau, and Puna on the Big Island of Hawaii” Kindle book before going there and I hope it must be informative and helpful.

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