Monday, February 10, 2014

Why you feel so good in Hawaii

At a recent gathering, friends staying in Hawaii for the winter were wondering why they feel so good.  After just a week on the island, their aches and pains were gone and they had more energy.  So, we came up with 10 reasons why we think you feel so good in Hawaii.

  1. The warmth in Hawaii relaxes your muscles and makes you feel less tense;
  2. The warmth causes you to sweat a little each day and sweat removes toxins from the blood;
  3. The tropical sunlight gives you a daily dose of vitamin D so your cardiovascular health and circulation improve;
  4. The laid back “no worries” culture of Hawaii helps you relax and enjoy a slower pace of life;
  5. The Farmer’s Markets have abundant, low cost vegetables and fruits with the vitamins and minerals needed for your well being;
  6. The local grass-fed beef and fresh caught fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and far more nutritious than grain-fed beef and farm raised fish on the mainland;
  7. The warm weather gets you outside to walk and jump into the pool.  The extra activity increases your circulation and creates endorphins that make you feel good;
  8. The “talk story” culture makes everyone more friendly and accessible;
  9. Being outdoors creates more opportunities for social interactions and more social interaction helps to improve your health;  
  10. The extra exercise and nutritious local foods makes you lose weight which gives you more energy.

Best of all is how good the bright tropical flowers, turquoise-colored ocean, and brilliant orange sunsets make you feel.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Nothing better than Hawaiian sun, tropical breezes. I feel like I am who I'm supposed to be when I'm there.

Can you share your thoughts as a profile for each island as another post? I am particularly interested in Big Island vs Maui.

I also cannot figure out how to subscribe to your blog and would love to!

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