Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Radiation monitoring on Hawaii Island

We continue to monitor radiation on Hawaii Island and the levels have continued to remain unusually low.  We attribute the low level to the lack of uranium (radon gas) in the island’s lava, being closer to the equator where there is less solar ionizing radiation, and being at sea level. 

Here is a recent video taken along the Kohala Coast where most of the large resorts on the island are located.

When we notice any debris washed up on the beach during our daily walks (electrical wire coverings, residential wall insulation, carved wood structural beams, etc.) covered with barnacles that we assume came from Japan, we check it out with our detector.   So far none of the debris has had any detectable radiation.

There are numerous sites on the internet that display real-time radiation readings from detectors in the US on a map. Some show a disturbing trend of increasing background radiation levels along the western US attributed to the continuing Fukushima disaster.  Other real-time maps show the radiation levels to be within normal ranges.  

Although we believe Fukushima and other nuclear sites are a potential danger, there is a lot of misinformation and unclear messages about whether there is a risk or not.  We think having a radiation detector is an important investment in our family’s well being to make sure there is no reason to worry needlessly while at the same time being prepared with an early warning system in case there is a nuclear incident.   


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