Friday, December 28, 2012

Planning for the New Year

Our goal of reducing our boxes of papers and possessions recently resulted in us finding an unexpected treasure of past five year plans.  The plans go back over 35 years and it was interesting to be able to review them with hindsight and evaluate how things worked out. Though many of our goals took years longer than we expected, in almost every case we eventually got what we set out to achieve.

Over the years we have had goals to buy new cars, own property, live in a house, pay off debts, lose weight, tour Europe, take vacations to Hawaii, move up the corporate ladder, buy a bigger house.  Every acquisition and change in our life resulted in new goals, although keeping financially solvent and being healthy has always been on the list. 

Many people have tried to convince us that all you need is a positive attitude to have everything work out well.  Though a positive attitude is usually a good thing, we have found that having a well thought out plan is a far better approach to getting what we want. Fortunately, staying focused and making progress on our goals has always helped us to be positive.

As we prepare for the start of 2013, we are writing down our next five year plan. Many of our past goals are no longer important to us; we don’t need to “own” our home, or a new car, or take a vacation.  Our plans are to hold on to the wonderful life we have in Hawaii and stay healthy and happy.  

Happy New Year!!
Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

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