Wednesday, September 26, 2012

LED TV power savings in Hawaii

We are always looking for ways to cut our electricity bill in Hawaii where the cost of electricity is 450% higher than the average rate in the US. Our latest focus was on our 7 year-old 40-inch Samsung LCD TV. We assumed the cost of buying a new LED TV would eventually be returned to us from the savings on our electric bill.

We purchased a highly-rated 40-inch Westinghouse LED TV from Amazon.

We used our handy kilowatt meter to measure the wattage used and calculate our savings.
We measured our old LCD TV at 241 watts per hour.

241 watts read Samsung LCD TV

We measured our new Westinghouse “energy star” LED TV at 60 watts an hour.

Westinghouse LED TV 60 watts read

Our new LED TV uses 75% less electricity than our old LCD TV!

We have our TV turned on about 4 hours a day so our old TV uses about 1 kilowatt hour during that time. The cost to us has been 45 cents a day (using our current cost of 45 cents per kilowatt hour in Hawaii).  Using only ¼ of a kilowatt, our new TV will save us about 34 cents a day which adds up to about $123 a year.  Since we paid $399 for the new TV, it will pay for itself in about three years from lower electric bills.

We bought the new LED technology TV now for more reasons than just saving on electricity costs. We are concerned that the conflict between China, Taiwan, and Japan may escalate in a way that makes affordable electronics from Asia a thing of the past.  The cost of electricity in Hawaii keeps going up and we expect that it will continue to rise.   The new TV is lighter, has a better sound system, and seems to have a clearer and brighter picture.   

We are looking forward to seeing our reduced electric usage in our next electric bill.

You can find the Westinghouse LED HDTV we bought here.
You can find the Kill A Watt EZ Electricity Usage Monitor we used here.


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Generally, LED TVs consume less electricity than conventional types of TV. It is really the best option if you want to slash your energy use and your electricity bills.

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