Saturday, March 31, 2012

A sustainable life in Hawaii

We thank everyone that has bought our book, Your Ideal Hawaii Home, and the readers that have taken the time to write reviews and send us email.

One of our reviewers pointed out that we do not have a financially sustainable solution to living in Hawaii in the book. Though we have been downsizing our expenses and stuff since moving to Hawaii Island, we have yet to achieve a sustainable lifestyle.  There have been many times in our life when our lifestyle was unsustainable and we struggled to pay bills and amassed debt.  These times were followed by changes that suddenly swung us into good times where we had excess money. We have gone through these cycles over and over and find comfort and humor in remembering how one year in Santa Fe we hung our clothes on a line in the kitchen to save the $15 a month it cost to run the dryer and the next year in Silicon Valley we received a bonus that was more than our entire budget the year before. If we had known that cold winter in Santa Fe that good times were coming the next year, would we have worried so much?

Now, as we are working on our next books about moving to Hawaii and how Hawaii improves health, we are resolving to not worry about our sustainability this year. We do, after all, live in world where governments and companies are insolvent and most things seem unsustainable. We are focused on our health and happiness in Hawaii and waiting for the cycle of good things to come, for us and the world.

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