Friday, September 23, 2011

Autumn in Hawaii

Autumn in Hawaii is a completely different experience for us than it was when we lived on the mainland. We use to dread the end of summer because the days got shorter, the sunny skies disappeared, and the farmer’s markets shut down when the growing season ended. The cold rain and high winds made it impossible for us to keep up our outdoor exercise. In Autumn, life became an indoor experience on the mainland as the temperatures dropped and darkness came earlier every day.

In Hawaii, the end of summer brings only slightly shorter days in Kona and more sunny days with less clouds and rain. Kona has a tropical wet summer climate and dry and sunny winter. The local fruit is even more plentiful in the Fall and there is more to choose from at the year-round Farmer’s markets. The visitors are gone and the snowbirds don’t arrive in Hawaii until after Thanksgiving. From mid-September to mid-December, it is off-season in Hawaii and the beaches and pools are noticeably emptier. Instead of colder temperatures, we look forward to waking up to a dry and cool 76 degrees with sunny weather that keeps our Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) away. All year round we can swim and snorkel and take long walks on the beach.

Coffee plant above Kona, Hawaii

Autumn in Kona also means the start of coffee and chocolate harvesting season and festivals to celebrate them. There are also country fairs around the island, a breadfruit festival, ‘Imiloa’s Wayfinders and Navigation festival in Hilo, and music festivals around the island. This year the Ironman championship is on October 8 and the town is already filled with athletes that inspire us to get more fit. Rather than dreading Autumn, we are finding it to be our favorite time in Hawaii with lots to do and an abundance of sun.
Empty Hapuna Beach


Kara said...

Sounds lovely! :) This post describes perfectly some (though not all by far) of the reasons my husband and I are planning on moving to the Big Island in the next couple of years.

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