Monday, December 6, 2010

2011 Year of the Rabbit

Every year we enjoy reading the predictions for the upcoming Chinese year and about the animal associated with the new year. We have found the advice given by Chinese astrologers helpful in planning what we will do during the next year. The Year of Metal Tiger, ending in February 2011, was predicted to be a year filled with upheaval and turmoil. The nations with the Tiger as their symbol were predicted to have difficult changes and they certainly have. We hope that we, and by that we mean the world, gets through the rest of Tiger Year without a major war starting in a Tiger country, as happened at the end of the last metal Tiger year in 1950.

The new Chinese year, starting February 3, 2011, is the Metal Rabbit. Unlike the ferocious Tiger, the Rabbit year is predicted to be placid with rest and calm. World leaders will find that diplomacy is better than force and international relations will take center stage. Countries will act with more discretion and concessions will be made with less conflict. In the past, major treaties have been signed in Rabbit years. The Treaty of Paris was signed in the Rabbit year of 1783 ending the war between the United States and England. The US, Australia and New Zealand signed a mutual defense pact called the ANZUS treaty in the metal Rabbit year of 1951. That same year, the Treaty of Japan was signed in September 1951 by 48 nations as well as the Japan-US Security Treaty. The Soviet Union formed its Olympic committee in 1951 in preparation for joining their first Olympics Games the following year.

In the Rabbit year calm, no one will want to deal with unpleasant realities or uncomfortable tasks. Law and order will be looser and rules and regulations will be less rigidly enforced. Those that criticize or point out weaknesses will be very unpopular. Cunning and subterfuge will be rewarded over open and honest communication. Leaders will avoid dealing with human rights infractions, suffering, or any misery that might upset the world’s new calm and secure diplomacy.

Conflicts from the Tiger year will likely last into the Rabbit year, as it did in the last metal Rabbit year. That year, the Korean conflict (which had started when North Korea invaded South Korea in the preceding Metal Tiger year) escalated to the capture of Seoul by Chinese and North Korean armies at the start of the 1951 Metal Rabbit year. The sudden rise to fame of Senator McCarthy at the onset of the Metal Tiger year in 1950 and his accusations of disloyal Americans (the Red Scare) took four years to finally lose steam and get him censured. Memories of Tiger year conflicts may escalate research into technologies to protect from terrorism in much the same way that methods of mass destruction were advanced in the 1951 Metal Rabbit year when the first thermonuclear weapon was tested on Eniwetok Atoll.

The tough economic times of the Tiger year will let up for some and money will be able to be made with less labor. People will feel more carefree and once again have luxuries in their lives. Many will regain happiness and contentment in their jobs and families. Good taste and refinement will emerge and some may overindulge.

A person born in the Rabbit year deftly caters to others desires to get what he wants and is warm, witty, sympathetic, and adept at sparing others feelings. She may go all out on a task or event, but when she’s had enough she’ll drop it all for rest and relaxation. Rabbit is not in a hurry to get anywhere and is not much of a disciplinarian or even critical of others. He makes few enemies, but at the same time is not willing to stick his neck out for a friend or cause. The Dragon, Horse, Monkey, and Dog get along well with the Rabbit and may find the year to be positive and successful. The Tiger, and Rooster love a good fight and will probably find the Rabbit year stifling.

We are Roosters, the enemies of Rabbit, and expecting to find the year particularly difficult for our habitual hen-pecking and argumentative personalities. We realize that the upcoming Rabbit year will not bear fruit for us using our well developed skills at conflicts and disagreements. We plan to stay calm, be positive, and get along with everyone. And we will watch our health and keep from Rabbit-induced overeating and overspending. We will try to develop some Rabbit-patience while waiting for the arrival of the Water Dragon on January 23, 2012 when our love of direct communication and controversy will once again be in fashion.

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