Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Top Free Health and Fitness iTunes Apps

Health and Fitness Apps (short for Application) are interactive interfaces that connect to databases of information and perform calculations to support your health and fitness goals. Even if you don’t have a mobile Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod device, you can get access to the same capabilities through the internet sites. Below are the top five ranked, free Apps in the US for Health and Fitness and their web sites.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal
This App supports making weight loss goals by providing an entry system for exercise and calories.  A database of over 450,000 foods and 350 exercises can be used to track what you are eating and what you are burning.  You can monitor your progress and post your results to Twitter and Facebook if you want.  And, on the internet site you can hook up with a community of over million dieters.

Lose It!
Use this App to set goals and create a calorie budget and then track actual food and exercise to stay in your budget. It has a large database of foods and exercises and allows you to create your own recipes for complex foods.  You can monitor your progress and  export the data to an excel spreadsheet, obtain email reports and reminders, and post results on Facebook and Twitter. Setting up an account on will let you backup your data and meet friends for support.

BabyCenter® My Pregnancy Today
This pregnancy App allows you to enter your baby’s due date to become your daily pregnancy guide. It provides fetal development images, pregnancy check lists, videos, and support through birth clubs that connect you with women due at the same time. It has a due date calculator, nutritional guide, and counts down to big day.

WebMD Mobile
This App is provides easy access to a database of medical information including conditions, drugs and treatments, first aid information and local health listings. You can check your physical symptoms to learn about potential conditions or issues and find information about the causes and treatments for your known conditions. A pill identification tool helps you identify a pill based on its color, shape and imprint.

Weight Watchers Mobile
This free WeightWatchers app allows you to see a featured recipe daily and save 10 favorites.  You can create a shopping list from recipes and read success stories, tips and articles, Weight watchers meeting times and locations are also available. The full power of the app and website, are available to Weight Watchers eTools. subscribers.


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