Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Surge in Japanese visitors to Hawaii

Japanese visitors to Hawaii surged by 63% this month as compared to the same days in June 2009, according to data from from Hawaii’s Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT).  DBEDT data showed 117,000 Japanese visitors arrived during the first 28 days of June compared to less than 75,000 in June 2009.  This is the largest number of Japanese arrivals to Hawaii in June since June of 2005.

Since the Yen was at a similarly good exchange rate in June of last year, the end of the flu pandemic is likely the reason for the large increase. The DBEDT already bumped up their arrival estimates this year after a good showing in international arrivals in the first quarter.  This month’s surge in Japanese visitors may foreshadow a great 2010 summer tourist season for Hawaii. 

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