Tuesday, December 2, 2008


We have been looking forward to this year’s release of French Beaujolais Nouveau so we can celebrate the holidays in Hilo Hawaii like we would in Paris France. Nouveau wine is made from grapes just picked this autumn and is highly celebrated by wine lovers who want to get an early taste of the year’s vintage. The wine is bottled in France and shipped around the world on the third Thursday of November so it can be hard to find in remote places like Hilo.

Thanks to the wonderful people at Longs in downtown Hilo, we were able to preorder bottles of our favorite Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau wine. They ordered extra cases for others in town that are looking for the Nouveau and others that want try this extraordinary wine. It is popular as a holiday season wine and goes great with Turkey. We had our first taste of it last week and it was light and fruity apparently due to the sunny and cool weather in the Beaujolais region this September.

Hilo is amazing – here we are in the middle of the Pacific on the other side of the world from France and our wine arrived November 20th the same day the rest of the world received their shipments.

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