Thursday, July 10, 2008


We don’t know if this is normal weather for Hilo, but it has been sunny and cool compared to the sultry days we were expecting. It rains at night but during the day the sun takes turns shining brightly and peaking through the clouds. Wonderful breezes cool us in the afternoons.

I remember the rare summer day when I was a kid in Colorado, when the sun and breeze created the perfect day. But in Hilo this summer, we’ve had 6 weeks of perfect summer days. After a hard 20 minute rain shower, unlike Northern California and the Pacific Northwest, the rain stops, instead of endless days and months of drizzle and dreary overcast skies. When it does rain here during the day, it is very business-like; a cloud moves in, rains for awhile and then moves on. It is delightful!

Our volcano is celebrating the summer by opening new vents and displaying colorful fountains of lava high into the air. It is incredible to witness the changing earth so close.

Music rings out from the young and old strumming guitars and ukuleles in the parks and we revel in the glorious summer days in Hilo.


larry said...

it's actually a little hotter than normal for summer in Hilo ... we do not get the real hot days here that most of the other islands or even Kona get :)

Smithers said...

I just stumbled upon your blog via a link from Calculated Risk. We just returned from a 10 day stay in Kauai (on the heels of a previous trip to Maui in April). We live in infamous Silicon Valley (Los Gatos/Saratoga area), and while my profession (patent attorney) still does well in the valley, we are considering early "semi-retirement" once our youngest kid is out of high school (three more years). The "plan" is that we would spend 3-6 months a year in Hawaii.

Question: Why did you guys choose Hilo?

We have only been to Hilo once, passing through on way to Volcano park. Like most tourists, we have stayed on the Kona side several times throughout the years.

Are we missing the secret gem of Hawaii?

Smithers said...

OK - I just read your "Why we chose Hilo" post.

But, if you want to elaborate ...

HiloLiving said...

Smithers - we think Hilo is the best kept secret in Hawaii. We are happy to tell more - send your email address to

larry said...

hilo is the perfect place to live in hawaii for hundreds of reasons, 1st one being year round springtime 2nd one being few tourists 3rd one being it's affordable (compared to city life on the mainland)